Dragoons No. 5 – Breidenbach

1742 Wendt, 1748 Behr, 1756 Dachenhausen, 1759 Breidenbach, 1761 Veltheim

Unit History
The regiment was formed in 1671. The unit was engaged at Hastenbeck, Krefeld, Bergen, Minden and Wilhelmstal. The commander in 1761, v. Veltheim, had previously commanded the Grenadiers zu Pferde.
At Hastenbeck, the unit was part of the Cavalry right wing along with the Hammerstein Horse (2 squadrons), Grenadiers zu Pferde (1 squadron), and Prinz Wilhelm Horse (Hessian, 2 squadrons). The cavalry was not really tested in the battle. They were superbly mounted, but drilled in the old German style tactics that meant that they were steady, but slow. They would have charged at a trot and quite likely would have received an enemy charge at the halt, trusting their firearms. In addition to the force already mentioned, two squadrons of the regiment began the battle located in Hameln.
At Krefeld, June 1758, the regiment was located in the left wing along with the cavalry regiments Hammerstein (No. 2B), Grothaus (No. 3A), Ruesch Hussars (No. 5), and Luckner Hussars as part of the brigade under Lt.-Gen. Spörcken.
At Bergen, April 1759, the regiment was part of the left brigade under Prinz Isenburg. The two squadrons, along with two squadrons of the Hammerstein Horse and Prinz Wilhelm Horse, covered the flank of the attempted Hanoverian infantry advances into Bergen. Saw very little action other than the occasional skirmish.
At Minden, August 1759, four squadrons were present along the Grenadiers zu Pferde and the Garde du Corps, all under the command of the Colonel Charles Breitenbach. This command was in the first line under the command of Lord Sackville.
At Wilhelmsthal, June 1762, the regiment fought as part of the cavalry corps which included the Garde du Corps, Alt-Bremer (No. 2A) and Hodenburg (No. 3B) regiments.
A regular unit dissolved in 1803.

This is one of my ‘Bergen’ units. The flag is speculative based on the usual British flag pattern combined with the Hanoverian coat of arms. One noticeable difference between the Sturm image and my painted figures is the stock. Pengel & Hurt as well as other references state that the Dragoons used a red stock as opposed to the black stock shown in the Sturm Card. Unit painted in the fall of 2005.

Text & Flag: Pengel & Hurt, German States in the Seven Years War 1740 to 1762, Imperial Press

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