IR No. 12B - Brunck

1745 von Brunck, 1759 von Estorff

Unit History
The regiment was formed in 1745 from the 2nd battalion of Bourdon. The 2nd battalion had originally been raised for Bourdon in 1744. Bourdon, himself, deserted to the French in 1745 and his regiment was split into three regiments: Graf Kielmannsegg (later 12A), Brunck (later 12B) and Hohorst (later 13A).
During the Seven Year War, the unit was engaged at Hastenbeck, Krefeld, Minden, Warburg and present but not active at Vellinghausen.
At Hastenbeck, July 26 1757, the regiment fought in the first line of the left wing.
On May 26 1758, the regiment was with Ferdinand's main force in the camp of Nottuln. On May 31, it accompanied Ferdinand in his offensive on the west bank of the Rhine. The regiment was left at Rees under major-general von Brunck to guard the bridge head. On June 23, the regiment took part to the battle of Krefeld where it fought along with Lintzow (No. 7B) on the left wing under the command of lieutenant-general von Spörcken.
At Minden, August 1759, the regiment was located in the center in the second line along with the Hessian Erbprinz regiment in Lt.-Gen. von Scheele’s brigade. This brigade supported the surprise advance of von Spörcken’s brigade.
At Warburg, July 1760, on the right flank along with battalions from Scheither (No. 1A), Post (No. 10A), Block (No. 8B), Monroy (No. 10B), 87th Foot (Keith's Highlanders) and the Légion Britannique. The right flank was under the command of Lt.-Gen. Hardenberg.

This is one of my ‘Bergen’ units. The figures are Dixon British from their French & Indian Wars series and are one of the first units I painted when I started up my Anglo-Hanoverian forces. However, the small stature and large head are not the most appealing to me so I switched to Front Rank for the rest of the regiments. Unit painted in 2000.

Flag: Warflag at
Text: Pengel & Hurt, German States in the Seven Years War 1740 to 1762, Imperial Press


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