Horse No. 3A - Grothaus

1740 Wrede, 1756 Grothaus, 1761 Jung-Bremer

Unit History
The regiment was formed in 1662. The unit was present at Krefeld, Minden, and Wilhemsthal.
At Krefeld, June 1758, the regiment was located in the left wing along with the cavalry regiments Hammerstein (No. 2B), Dachenhausen Dragoons (No. 5C), Ruesch Hussars (No. 5), and Luckner Hussars as part of the brigade under Lt.-Gen. Spörcken.
At Minden, August 1759, a single squadron formed, along with three squadrons of the Royal Horse Guards (The Blues), three squadrons 1st King's Dragoons Guards, and four squadrons of the Breidenbach Dragoons, a portion of the first line of cavalry commanded by Lord Sackville. Lord Sackville's deliberate inactivity kept the unit out of any serious action. The remaining squadrons were placed along with the Hodenburg Horse (No. 3B), was in Wangenheim's corps that contested the area around Totenhausen. The unit was in the second line and acted as a reserve.
At Wilhelmsthal, the unit was part of the general reserve. A regular unit disbanded in 1803.

Quite difficult to distinguish this unit from its sister regiment, 3B – Hodenburg, as both have red facings and red flags. The only differences are the yellow buttons and yellow lace work compared to white buttons and lace. Unit painted in the fall of 2005.

Text & Flag: Pengel & Hurt, German States in the Seven Years War 1740 to 1762, Imperial Press

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