IR No. 3A – Reden

1742 Bothmer, 1743 Freidermann, 1756 von der Knesebeck, 1758 von Reden

Unit History
The regiment was formed in 1665. During the Seven Years War the unit was present at Hastenbeck, Krefeld, and Minden. The regiment was garrisoned at Fallersleben, Gifhorn, Burgdorf, and Wittengen.
At Hastenbeck, July 1757, the regiment was part of the right wing under the command of General Block. The unit fought along side battalions from Scheither (No. 1A), Scheele (No. 2B), Druchtleben (No. 3B) and Stoltzenberg (No. 4A), as well as, two cavalry squadrons from the Dachenhausen Dragoons (No. 5C) and Breidenbach Horse (No. 1A) respectively.
At Krefeld, June 1758, the regiment was located in the center, along with the regiments Scheele (No. 2B), Druchtleben (No. 3B), Ledebour (No. 4A), Kielmannsegge (No.12A) and Fersen (No. 13A) all brigaded under Lt.-Gen. Oberg.
At Minden, August 1759, the regiment was located in the first line, along with the Hardenberg (No.6A) and Scheele (No. 2B) all brigaded under Lt.-Gen. Scheele.
At Klosterkamp, October 16, 1760, the regiment along with the 87th Foot (Keith's Highlanders), the 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers (Huske) and the 20th Foot (Kingsley) assaulted the monastery at Kamp.

The figures are an older version of the Front Rank marching Hanoverian pose and were discovered in a cardboard box full of Front Rank SYW troops which I received as a surprise. Needless to say, my Hanoverians were more than happy to receive some additional comrades-in-arms. An unusual element in this unit is the grenadiers on the right of the formation. The grenadiers historically were usually split off into their own unit but given the limited number of troops in the unique marching pose, I have included the grenadiers directly in the unit. Unit painted in the fall of 2005.

Flag: Warflag at
Text: Pengel & Hurt, German States in the Seven Years War 1740 to 1762, Imperial Press

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